Tarot of Oneness

Created by Robyn Voisey

Welcome to the Tarot of Oneness Pre-Order Store. Scheduled to be ready to ship in September/October, this is where you can pre-order your deck and check out some other add-ons including custom tarot cloths, a deck pouch and The Glow Oracle (funded on Kickstarter in 2021).

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Credit Card Charges and Stretch Goals
9 days ago – Fri, Sep 23, 2022 at 05:19:02 AM

Hi Everyone.  A couple of updates for you...

Credit Card Charges and Statements

By now, most of your credit cards have been charged for shipping and add-on fees as outlined in previous updates.  There are a few cards that didn't process.  From what I understand, there can occasionally be difficulties with credit cards in different countries.  If your credit card doesn't process for some reason, don't worry, we will sort it out a different way.  We will get everything worked out before shipping begins. 

When you view your credit card statements, the charges for shipping and add-ons will display as Soulstice Healing.  Backerkit uses stripe as its platform for charging cards.  I always assumed it would show as Backerkit, but it doesn't. :)   I wanted to mention this as a backer has reported the charges as fraudulent.  I do believe it was an oversight and that all will be fixed, but wanted to remind everyone about the credit card charges so it hopefully doesn't happen again. With so much fraudulent activity and scams going on in the world, I can understand the need to be very cautious and don't blame anyone for checking in to ensure charges are legitimate. Every time it is reported as fraudulent, I am charged a fee which I'm trying to avoid. :) So... when you look at your card statements and see a charge for Soulstice Healing, you will know what it is.   

Stretch Goals

So... I've had to make some changes regarding how everything is going to be shipped.  I got all of the stretch goals nicely packaged and ready to be picked up and shipped to my fulfillment centre so they could be included in all packages.  Right before pick-up, I was informed by my fulfillment centre that I should not send these packages to them.  Apparently they would sit in customs for months and then I would be charged hefty duties and custom fees.  I had to make a new plan. :)

I am going to be sending your stretch goals to you individually from my home in Ontario which means you will be receiving them separately from your decks.  I will have them in the mail to you over the next week.  It's not necessarily the most cost effective way to do things, but it seems to be the only way at this point. And I really don't want to hold anything up.  I think it will all work out great. 

For those of you who ordered tarot cloths and pouches, they will be in a separate shipment from Scotland. I will keep you updated on timelines for those items as I get updates. 


My printer sent me this picture of the edging on the decks.  I love it!  I hope you do too! If I haven't said it a million times already... I am so excited! 

Shipping Addresses

I will have to lock addresses on Backerkit before we start to ship.  I will lock them on September 30th.  Please make any necessary charges to the addresses prior to that date.  And as always... reach out with  questions or concerns any time.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!! xo

Production Video etc.
14 days ago – Mon, Sep 19, 2022 at 12:13:28 AM

Hi everyone! I have updates. :) 

Production Video

My printer sent a video of the deck in production.  So exciting!!!! I know that all elements have been printed and that assembly of the boxes, books and packaging is currently underway.  I'll let you all know when I have a better idea of the completion date.  Once I know that, the decks will be shipped to my fulfillment centre.  All stretch goal packages are en-route to the fulfillment centre already.  

Here's the video:

Surveys and Credit Cards

There are about forty people who have yet to fill out their surveys.  Please check to make sure you have done so.  I am so grateful for your support and really want to get your decks to you.  :)

I am waiting for notification from Backerkit that all orders have successfully locked and then they will charge cards.  That should happen at some point today. 


I will be sending an email to all of you before I start shipping so you know when that will be happening.  If you need to make an adjustment to your mailing address before shipping begins, please reach out to me directly and I'll make sure it is changed on Backerkit.  I know there are a few people who may need to change their addresses closer to the shipping date.  That's no problem.  

Small Changes

While in the process of sending the files to the printer a couple of months ago, I realized that the backs of the cards weren't completely reversible.  I made a slight change to the design to fix that.  I removed the oneness graphic element.  Everything else is the same. 

I also made some tweaks to the box as I felt the name of the deck wasn't standing out enough. It is still very similar in design, but I felt it was necessary to make the adjustments.  Other than that, everything is the same.  

I hope you all have a wonderful day!  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all. 

Thanks so much, xo

Production Update
26 days ago – Tue, Sep 06, 2022 at 07:36:49 AM

Hello everyone!  It's been a while since my last update. I think you're all overdue for the latest scoop. :)


I have been waiting to receive photos of the deck being printed to send to you.  My printer has not forwarded any to me yet, but I do have news to share.  Everything has been printed! The cards, box and book files are hot off the presses and waiting to be assembled and prepared for shipment to my fulfillment centre. There was a little break in production due to a short-term lockdown that shouldn't affect timelines.  I promise to send photos the moment my printer shares them with me.  


Most of you have already filled out your surveys. If by some chance you didn't receive a link to your survey, please let me know and I can forward one to you. Please note that I won't be able to send the decks to you until your survey is filled out as that is where the system captures all of your shipping information.

If your credit card didn't go through on Kickstarter, you still have the opportunity to grab a deck through the Backerkit survey. Again.. if you didn't receive a link, let me know.  I would be happy to forward one to you.

Backerkit was originally set up to charge cards on September 10th.  I'm going to extend that by a few days to make sure you've all had enough time after this email to fill out the survey if you haven't already.  The date for charging credit cards is now set for September 14th.

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for each and every one of you.  For me, the waiting is the hardest part!  I am so excited to get some copies of the deck, and to start shipping them out to all of you. :) xo

Surveys are ready to go!
about 2 months ago – Wed, Aug 03, 2022 at 09:01:23 PM

Hi everyone.  I have great news! The surveys are ready to go.  I have received photos of the tarot cloths and deck bags which you will see below.  I also have samples on their way to me from Scotland. Backerkit has approved my campaign and I am about to click the link to run a smoke test.  Surveys will be sent out to a random selection of backers to make sure everything is working great. Shortly after that, everyone will get their surveys to fill out.

Please be sure to take a few moments to complete the survey.  Without it, I won't be able to ship everything to you when production is complete.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask. :) 

Tarot Cloth and Deck Pouch Shipping

All fabric products are being produced by Lisa at @the.auld.spaewife. If you choose to add tarot cloths or deck pouches to your order, they will be prepared and sent to you directly from Scotland. Shipping will cost $14.50 (Canadian) regardless of how many of these items you order in the same shipment. If you live in the U.K., you're in luck!  Shipping will only be $2.50. :)

Present Moment Tarot Cloth

  •  $24 (Canadian)
  • Material: Crepe de Chine (100% polyester) - Lightweight fabric with a silky smooth feel.
  • Size: 41 cm x 41 cm
Present Moment Tarot Cloth - Digital image on the right

This lovely tarot cloth features imagery from the Present Moment card in the Tarot of Oneness deck. The artwork illustrates a succulent and a sparkly fibonacci spiral mirroring the golden ratio in nature. It serves as a reminder to slow down and embrace the present moment. What do you feel? What do you see? What do you hear? Still your busy mind and tune in to everything you are sensing in this very moment.

Oneness Tarot Cloth

  •  $24 (Canadian)
  • Material: Velvet (100% polyester) - Lustrous material with a soft sheen.
  • Size: 41 cm x 41 cm
Oneness Tarot Cloth - Digital image on the right

This beautiful tarot cloth is perfect for use with the Tarot of Oneness deck - or any other deck for that matter! It is bright and cheerful, featuring artwork from the Oneness Card. Allow yourself to shift into a space of compassion towards yourself and others when you use this cloth - remembering that we are deeply connected to each other and all that is.

Oneness Deck Pouch

  •  $38 (Canadian)
  • Material: Velvet (100% polyester) exterior with soft touch premium poly-cotton interior
Tarot of Oneness Deck Pouch

Store your deck in this lovely deck pouch featuring custom-designed fabric and a shimmery button. Large enough to slip the entire box in, you can use this store your deck or carry it with you on the go.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions at all. Thank you so much! xo

Superduper Quick Update!
2 months ago – Tue, Jul 26, 2022 at 05:15:34 PM

Hi everyone!  It's been a while since my last update and I know everyone is most likely wondering where things are at.  :)  Everything is going great!  I approved the proofs for the deck last week and am waiting for the printer to send me photos of everything on the presses. I will forward you all pictures as soon as I have some to share.

I have everything set up in Backerkit and will be able to send out the surveys very soon.  Thank you so much for your patience with this! The survey has been on hold for a bit while I wait for photos of the tarot cloths and deck bags. My cloth/bag creator has had some unexpected interruptions in her work schedule which has delayed that process, but I'm confident that she will have everything to me this week. I have seen a couple of photos of the tarot cloths and they look awesome! 

I hope you are all doing absolutely amazing!  I will update you again very soon!